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About Us

There are plenty of suspect hemp-derived CBD products out there on the market, with no real standards for production.  That’s why at Hemp Knowledge, we wanted to make sure you could have access to high-quality products where you know EXACTLY what you’re getting, and that it was made with rigorous standards, pure, with no additives (or thinning agents in vapes.)

We went the extra mile to make sure that our hemp extract is made by a team led by a PhD in Chemical Engineering, in a controlled, ISO-9001 & cGMP certified facility.  Each batch of fine Colorado hemp is closely tracked and tested from start to finish, made with a unique process that includes CO2 extraction, and purified several times over.  We post independent analysis of every batch online, so our customers know precisely what they’re getting.

Our full-spectrum extract contains naturally occurring CBD as well as other cannabinoids.  It’s also made with a special technique that retains a high amount of terpenes of the hemp plant, giving it an extraordinary natural taste that our customers appreciate.  We’re confident that the taste of our products stands up there with any other brand in the industry, and we don’t need additives or added flavors to make it that way, either.

We offer both an oral tincture as well as a rare 100% purity undiluted vape oil, which comes as a standalone vape cartridge or a disposable single use vape pen.  Our products always contain less than 0.3% THC, and our oral tincture often even shows up as non-detect 0.0% on analysis.  They are also free of solvents and other potentially dangerous heavy metals.

To see your independent third party testing results, either scan the QR code on your product’s packaging, or enter your batch number from the packaging into the search bar at the top left of this page.

All in all, these are special products for those looking for purity, quality, and peace of mind.  We’re also priced favorably versus the other big-name brands.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, feel free to let us know on the “contact us” page.  Thank you for choosing us as your Hemp/CBD provider.  We’re confident you’re going to like what you’re getting.

Subir Grewal

Founder, Hemp Knowledge