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Are CBD Vapes safe? Why Hemp Knowledge Vapes Stand Apart From the Crowd

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In the past year, the Hemp CBD vape industry has begun to realize that safety is important. Many wonder: Are CBD vapes safe?

The answer is: Maybe. It depends on the brand and product.

At retail smoke shops, many will be price sensitive and go with less expensive options, and those are the ones that make us wonder, because they are usually diluted with undesirable things like Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Polyethylene Glocyol (PDG), or MCT Oil (which is safe to consume orally but less proven for vapes.) Almost all CBD vape products will contain one of these thinning agents, meaning they are entering your lungs. This is because they lack the expertise to make an undiluted vape that won’t crystallize. There have also been concerns about illicit black market vapes containing other hamful things like Vitamin E oil, which the lungs can’t process well.

But here’s the good news: None of this is a problem with Hemp Knowledge vape products! Hemp Knowledge offers a safe CBD vape product that’s totally undliluted, made with your body in mind. It’s just pure CBD oil entering your lungs. It also doesn’t crystallize, thanks to its expert production team led by a PhD in Chemical Engineering. At Hemp Knowledge, we value using science to make sure people can vape pure, high quality CBD with peace of mind knowing nothing else is entering their lungs.

Not only that, but the all-natural taste of our vapes are second to none thanks to a special extraction process that maximizes terpene content. Combine it all with a great price, and our CBD vapes are the perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned consumers, young and elderly. Whether you want to relax and experience the beneficial effects of CBD during the day or at night, our vapes do the trick with not much dosing.

You can use Hemp Knowledge Vapes with the comfort of knowing that you are avoiding all of the nonsense that’s been out there about vaping lately.