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Choosing your Product

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Some may have difficulty deciding which of our products is right for them.  Here is a little guide to help decide:


Oral Tincture:

Our oral tincture has a pleasant floral taste to it, which makes it stand out from the majority of CBD oils on the market, which either don’t taste as good, or contain unnecessary additives to improve the flavor.  This isn’t the case with our oil, it’s able to taste great with no added flavors.  That’s one of the many ways we stand out.


  • Longer onset
  • Take once/twice a day
  • Less bioavailability, so more mg/dose needed than vape


Our vape product has a really special, distinctive taste that is all-natural.  This is because 1) There are no additives or thinning agents, and 2) We are able to retain more terpenes in our final product than the competition.  Since vapes have more immediate effects than oral tinctures, you’ll feel immediately relaxed right after.


  • More immediate onset
  • Take throughout the day as needed
  • Maximum bioavailability, so less mg/dose needed than oral tincture