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Hemp Knowledge

As per the 2018 Farm Bill hemp is legally defined as a Cannabis plant with less than 0.3% THC. Hemp extract is made by taking the above-ground parts of a hemp plant, including its flowers, and extracting its cannabinoids and terpenes into a pure oil-based extract. We offer products that can be vaporized in its pure form, (which is thick in consistency) or diluted into a consumable oral tincture.

We became interested in hemp products as hemp crops became legalized in the past few years, but found that when shopping, we had no idea what we were getting. It could be well-made, or it could be hastily made. Who knows? Therefore, we decided to do the work for the consumer, and provide them with the most pure, high-quality hemp extract we could find. You can have the peace of mind knowing that you’re enjoying a superior product.

Our product captures all contents of the hemp plant, including various naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBD, as well as terpenes. It’s an unadulterated, full-spectrum extract that is naturally rich in CBD, meaning that there are is no isolated CBD or other cannabonoids added. These naturally occurring amounts are as follows in our products:

Oral Tincture – 1 oz: At least 750mg naturally-occuring CBD, with other cannabinoids and terpenes present.  With MCT Oil for dilution.

Vape pens – 250mg: – At least 200mg naturally-occuring CBD, with the balance up to 250 being other naturally-occurring cannabinoids/terpenes.  No dilution.

Our product is made with a proprietary process that is unique to our production team, led by a PhD in Chemical Engineering, in an ISO-9001, cGMP facility. There are several rounds of testing and purification to make it a true high-quality product, and special effort is taken to minimize THC content down to non-detect levels. There is no PG/VG, or PEG used to make it, nor are there any additives, just pure hemp extract. Our vape product is not diluted with any MCT oil, either.

To see your 3rd party test results, either scan the QR code on your product, enter your batch number into the search bar in the upper-right corner of our website.  We also post test results on our “Knowledge Blog” page.

If your product(s) arrive damaged, broken or portions are missing, you must notify us within 5 days of delivery date as provided by the shipper. Contact us at